inside the head of an earthling

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i’ve melted off several times over. i feel it in my heart, as it contracts from the continuous battle of heat & ice.

my brain forgets its normal function, you know, the ones that neatly say ‘do this’

its like i forgot everything

but i remember everything

so clearly.



i realize life will chose for me what

to remember & cherish,

but also


to leave it in the past.

the beauty of living will always be subtle whisper


n e x t

n       e       x        t


the now

& now

always fresh

almost minty

to spend alone to learn with them to love you

ah, & look a smile

plastered right on my face.

because this is equally a war

to not let it drift

a way


.stars-the xx.


it’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything

-chuck palahniuk